Erin & Nicole Bulcher

Co-Owners and Certified Teachers

The Bar Method Southlake is owned and operated by the sister duo of Erin and Nicole Bulcher. Both Idaho natives and graduates of University of Idaho (Nicole ’09 and Erin ’06), Nicole moved to Dallas first in 2010 at the behest of a friend to try out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Not only did she make it that year, but she earned her spot back each year for a total of five seasons (2010-2015), was a Group Leader, Pro-Bowl Cheerleader (2015), Veteran of the Year (2015) and an All-Star (2015-2016). During her busy years as a DCC, Nicole worked full-time for The Bar Method in Dallas as Studio Manager and eventually became a certified teacher in 2013. She quickly fell in love with the technique as a way to keep her body not only in peak physical shape, but also it slowly started to increase her flexibility; her kicks got higher and her muscle definition more evident. During her years on DCC she became stronger, more flexible and had better knee and hamstring strength than when she started in 2010. She attributes being able to cheer for five years to the benefits of the Bar Method. And even more than that, it’s a workout she’s still not tired of doing! She looks forward to class at least 5x/week! Nicole is excited to become her own boss (sometimes even bossing Erin around as sisters will do) and bringing the gift of The Bar Method to Southlake!

Erin moved to Dallas in 2012 at the encouragement of Nicole! Living in Boise, Idaho, Erin came to Dallas to visit many times for Cowboy’s games. She quickly figured out that Texas was the answer she had been looking for in regards to where to ‘put down roots’ after having lived in several cities and overseas. However, it wasn’t until after living in Dallas for over a year that her love for Bar Method blossomed. Why was that? Well, if you don’t dedicate yourself to something, you’ll never truly understand it or see the benefit. Once Erin started going to class no less than 4x/week, she saw the physical (and even mental) changes she had been desiring after years of running and yoga. Three years, 15 lbs. down and one size smaller but with more muscle definition than ever, Erin was determined to someday share the love of Bar Method not just with co-workers and friends who she would bring to class, but to an entire community. Her background is in Content Marketing and SEO and now she’s ecstatic to be able to use those skills for something she believes has not only changed her life, but that will change many others to come.

Bar Method Southlake

If you’re going to start a business with someone, do it with someone who shares that passion and drive equally. If that just so happens to be your sister, even better! A motto we live by, as taught by our parents says, “Hard work killed no one.” We will work hard for our clients and hopefully you will feel the joy we do about The Bar Method from the moment you set foot in our studio!